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This podcast is about divorce. It's about understanding the emotional and physical spaces that we go through, specifically in the first six months. But to understand "the why” of this conversation, let me invite you into my story of how it began. 


It was the start of Covid-19 and I was registered into an online course. My divorce had just been finalized and I was still healing. I was in a good frame of mind, but I wasn't completely happy. I had kept my divorce a shameful little secret and was unaware of the weight it was imposing on me.


Upon my first meeting with my coach, I was challenged to post something on social media that was extremely personal and would make me vulnerable to the world. It was an odd request, but fit perfect with what her course was and where I was in my process. When I settled into the request, I knew I would be talking about the divorce. Afterall, it was the thing in my life which I had suppressed.


Prior to pressing the button and going live on Facebook, I was confronted with a variety of things. I felt shame, I felt insecure, and I had an overwhelming fear of being judged. I was going to put something out into the world that was not positive and it would show me as not being wanted, not good enough. With a knot in my stomach I searched for reasons to not do it.  Every part of me searched for an excuse. I was attached to looking like I had it all together. I had done it for so long that I had forgotten what happens when you trust the process and tell the truth. 


It was my commitment that pushed the button to go live that night. I had said I would do it, and so I did. What happened in those next moments radically changed my life.


When it was over, I remember sighing deeply as the weight of who I thought I was had been released. The anxiety was lifted and all that remained was an empty canvas waiting for me to create on. The canvas was my future, the colors was my language, and the truth was my art.


When I gave up the constraints of looking like I had it all together. A new reality shaped itself in all of my surroundings. Admitting that I had failed to a global audience began to open doors I was unaware existed. It felt like I was immediately placed in a vehicle that was traveling somewhere with music full blast and scenic views all around. It was magical.  


Shortly after posting the video someone reached out to me privately and thanked me for sharing it. They expressed how it made a difference for them. That message stirred me up.  I knew that I wanted to say more but I had no idea how to share it. Being honest is easy when you take the leap, but being consistent can be taxing. Yet, the more I thought about what to talk about, the more I uncovered all the unrest and anxiety that lingered around my divorce and the first six months.


As a result, I began to post anything and everything that had made a difference for me during that time. From the moment she spoke “I don’t know if I love you” till present day. Which opened up a whole new community of people who had also endured a divorce and their stories.


As I began to listen to others share their story, I started to understand how much power lives inside the sharing. Each time we tell our story, we loosen the negative grip it has on us. Whether we are speaking or listening, we contribute to others, and in the process we dilute the significance.


For me, speaking about what was missing, or what worked and didn't work about the process was uplifting. The more I repeated my story, the more I had the ability to separate myself from being attached to it. So I slowly began to understand my value and my power around what I had experienced. Each day kept me searching for a way of sharing it. It was then that I turned to a friend who had inspired me with his podcast. He had been doing it for quite some time and I was lucky enough to see his journey. So, he let me borrow a mic and I began to talk.

I am blown away by the success of the experiment that this podcast is. The private thank you's and each time a heart is placed in my social media. Every part of it a contribution.


It was this conversation that has healed me the most. I can't imagine a world where I didn't participate in sharing these stories. I had asked the universe for over two decades to give me something bigger than me. This conversation gets me out of bed in the morning and puts me to sleep at night knowing that so many have grown from the seeds of these stories. It lifts me up when I am down and puts me in strangers trust when I feel alone. It's has been a gift I like to call "the present".


So, now that you know why this podcast exists. Now that you know a bit of my story. You know that healing and being your best self is the primary intention. Sometimes we may lose our way, but conversations like this help us remember who we were and what we want to be. It reminds us that we are all human and that we should embrace each day so that we can build a better tomorrow, together.


I hope these words and the many spoken across the podcast make a difference for you. I hope they remind you that you are not alone and that you belong to a powerful club of warriors who have cultivated themselves into exemplary people. And that they did this with only the guarantee of time passing to guide them. So...Always remember and never forget.

BREAKDOWNS are the steps we take to reach our BREAKTHROUGH!  

-Peter Maestrey

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